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How to backup contacts and calendar from Apple Mac OS X

We used service for this guideline. Using it, your can backup your contacts from your Apple Mac OS X easily. The whole backup, including the settings, can be done in several minutes.

Download PhoneCopy for Mac to your Mac, which you can download free of charge. After downloading and installation, go through following steps.

Start PhoneCopy for Mac Choose Log into an new account

Choose your username and password, fill email address and captcha and press Sign UP. Press Synchronize.

Type in your username, password and captscha Select sync direction

Select synchronization direction. Press This device -> server

Sync in progress

Your contacts will be synchronized in few seconds.

Sync in progress Sync in progress

Now you have all your contacts backed up on PhoneCopy and you can edit all your contacts in your online account. If you lose your phone or the stored data, or if you just run out of battery, you can see your contacts online.

Some additional tips:

Contacts can be then transferred to another device (eq. iPhone, Nokia, SonyEricsson, Samsung, LG etc). See PhoneCopy site for supported devices.